Weblinkindia.net are an excellent company to deal with. They designed my website with everything in mind that I asked for.

I worked on a very tight schedule & my website needed to go live very quickly & Weblinkindia understood that. They offered me some great ideas about different things to maybe think about, which actually made my site look better.

Their customer service is fantastic & they always answered any questions I had in very quick time. They offer a cheap but yet comprehensive service which provide high quality websites, SEO Optimization and logo design at reasonable prices, they are without dealt a 5 star rated company and would recommend to any one wants Website design and development.

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Marea obviously works for WeblinkIndia.

The truth is, it's a company made up of amateur kids. Even their "managers" and "executives" are only around 22 years old.

To sum up WeblinkIndia's services:



-difficult to communicate with

-false claims


-poor work quality

-poor work ethic


Dont waste your time or money on Weblink India


I agree with Steban. Theyre team are all 20-24 year olds. Work quality is poor. All they do is delay. For every change you make, they will delay for atleast 1 week. Then they will say they made corrections, but they have not done anything, and are asking for ur approval. all lies.

they take ur money at the start, but dont do what they say they will.

sending email to management is hopeless also. they dont respond if u have problem. they will just tell the marketing/customer service guy to be nice to customers. thats all. u can never speak with ur own programmer or team. its rubbish.

dont believe their youtube or facebook page either. all fake comments, fake accounts.

their company discription and portfolio r all fake also. companies on their portfolio didnt get whole site done by weblink india, they only got small features put in (e.g. forms), but not all the site. they do only 1-2 features for a company, then claim that company on their portfolio.

dont get sucked into weblink india. disgrace to work with them. its a shame.


Marea...I noticed that you did not include a link to your "website" that you claim Weblinkindia did such an excellent job on the design. I, for one, would like to see what this "excellent company" did for you. But we both know that's not going to happen because your "compliment" is bogus.

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